Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama or Motorcycles?

Yesterday, I saw a harley rolling down the road. Boy did I envy him. Not too much, it was only about 20 degrees outside.
Hopefully, we are only a couple weeks away from our short riding season.
The annual Motorcycle show in Anchorage is this weekend!
Although Motorcycling is my passion, I also get pretty worked up over politics. Anything from the local Assembly issues to President Obama. Following is from my other blog at Yahoo 360:

President Obama is slated to appear on the Tonight Show later today. Wow! That's cool. So cool that Leno is devoting the whole show to him.
Obama is very good at showmanship, and he will prove it tonight. He will appear as a regular guy. A man with principles and a sense of humor. That's just wonderful.
Hey Obama, how about going back to Harvard and getting a brush up on Business? More specifically, capitalism!
While Congress is feigning outrage over the AIG bonuses, we find out that many of the companies that Congress gave billions of bailout dollars to, also owe hundreds of millions in back taxes!
Sound familiar? About one third of the Cabinet positions appointed by Obama also owe back taxes. If you or I owed just thousands of dollars in back taxes, they would confiscate our assets and toss us in jail.
This is change we can believe in???? What a crock!
This is the worst Presidency in our history, and it's barely a hundred days old! Don't forget the most out of control Congress as well!
Remember voted for these idiots!

I won't apologize for my opinion. You are free to disagree, that's the beauty of our nation. However, you must have blinders on if you think this unprecedented spending is good for our Country. My next post will be all motorcycles, I promise.

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