Sunday, April 05, 2009

Finally Road It Home!

The temp outside peaked at 37 degrees. The streets downtown were wet and sloppy from snow melt. At least the sun was out brightly, and there wasn't much wind. I finally got to ride my FJR home on Saturday.
It was about 45 miles from the home of the guy I bought it from to my house. And can I say, I am very impressed with the bike. The smooth yet powerful engine, the upright/forward seating position, and the 6.6 gallon tank, even the ABS brakes, all blend together for a very nice package.
This was my first and only ride, so give me some time to really get to know this bike, and I'll really critique it.
Immediately upon arriving there to ride it home, the former owner handed me the recall notice he had just received. I had seen it in some other blogs, so I wasn't surprised. My first order of business is to schedule the recall as well as an oil change and safety inspcection.
I'm really looking forward to some in state touring, and this is the bike for that.

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