Monday, April 13, 2009

Glimpse of Spring

According to the calendar, the first day of spring was a couple weeks ago, however, someone forgot to tell Alaska. It even snowed again this morning, despite the afternoon temperatures have reached forty degrees the last few days.
On Saturday, April 4th I was able to ride my new (new to me) 2007 FJR 1300 home from Palmer. I waited until late in the afternoon when it was the warmest part of the day, a whopping 37 degrees. The following Monday I delivered it to the local Yamaha shop for maintenance. This bike had not been ridden in '08, and only has 1100 miles on it.
They changed all the fluids, adjusted the levers, checked the plugs, and performed a safety check on the entire bike. They also changed out the ignition, which was a recent recall item on the FJR's. With a clean bill of health, I was able to ride it home on Thursday.
Saturday, April 11 the sun was out, although the snow was melting making the streets pretty sloppy. I took her out for a short 40 mile jaunt. As I rode south down the Seward highway, the winds picked up and the clouds were threatening. So I turned around after about 20 miles and headed back for warmth.
So far the machine is amazing. Unbelievable power, yet extremely agile to ride. I really like it. I just need a little more cooperation from Mother Nature to take advantage of it.
Meanwhile, I connected online with another FJR owner who lives in Fairbanks. He says he has a couple other friends who ride them. He is planning a trip this way in June to qualify him for the Iron Butt certificate. That sounds like a lot of fun.
I really hope we get a little more summer this year than last year.
Once I get some more miles on this machine, I'll write a more in depth reveiw of the bike.

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