Thursday, April 16, 2009

That's So Gay!

You can add New York to the list of states I'll never ride in, or visit. Let's see, so far the list includes Massecheusetts, Conneticut, Iowa, and New York (if they pass the proposed legislation).
I'm sure that by the time I die, I will have been painted into my little corner of Alaska, as the only place left I can ride. Why? States passing gay marriage laws.
I'll be clear, I do not approve of gay marriage. It is wrong for a man to want sex with another man. It's wrong morally, and naturally. Show me a bull moose that desires another bull moose to mount him. Sorry, you can't. Just because today's youth is more lenient on this does not mean it's right. By extension of that, it's also wrong to extend the privilege of marriage to them either. Let's face it, marriage is religion based and always has been. The best I'd ever give in to is state honored unions for the sole purpose of benefits. Even that would not be necessary if our Congress had any brains.
So, I'll just continue to add to the list the states that buckle to the gay interest groups, and never contribute a cent to those local economies.
I'm sure that some NW states will soon follow. Oregon (my home state), Washington, and California will join the fracas before long. I guess I'll never visit my home state once that happens. that's ok, Alaska is my home now, and I'd bet they will be one of the last states ever to buckle. Hopefully I'll be really old when that happens.
I know, this doesn't have much to do with motorcycling, except to list the states that I'll never visit, but I had to get it off my chest.
Enough of that, it might hit fifty degrees today here in Anchorage!!!
By the way, I've seen those commercials on tv that warn not to call something you don't like "gay", 'cause it's not polite. I think those commercials are "GAY"!

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