Saturday, April 18, 2009

Which One's Best?

Today we may hit 50 degrees! woo hoo!
The last few days I've taken out both bikes, the twins I call them (not identical, fraternal). No, they aren't alike, in fact they are way different. They both have their strengths and weakness', yet, I can't decide which one I like best. So, I'll just love them both for exactly what they are. Just like a Dad who doesn't love one daughter over another, I'll just appreciate what each bike brings to the show.
Thw V-Star, who I've nicknamed Roxanne, is sexy and sleek and cool! It has good low end torque and a nice V twin rumble. I've stripped off the saddlebags and sissy bar, along with the bitch seat. I've decide to make this bike a solo ride. And I'm not worried about trying to turn it into a distance tourer. in fact, more customizing is in store for Roxanne.
It has a nice relaxed, kick back riding position, especially since I added a kit that moved the pegs forward 3 inches. But, I still don't enjoy long rides of 200 miles or more as much on this bike. My back and butt get fatigued easy. I have ridden 430 miles on it in one day with frequent rest stops.
Next time I'll write about the FJR, whom I haven't named yet. She is fast! Really fast
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