Wednesday, May 06, 2009

70 Degree Weather!

I got back from Texas late Saturday night the 2nd. Anchorage was in the middle of a terrific weekend for weather. When I got up Sunday I was stiff and sore from ten hours in an airplane, but peering outside I couldn't resist the chance for a beautiful summer-like ride.
I remember last summer, Anchorage only had to days where it officially hit 70 degrees or more, and they were in July.
I gassed up the FJR and hit the highway heading north. My FJR has a temperature gauge on it and it already read in the upper fifties when I took off.
By the time I got to Eureka it was reading 60 degrees, whoo hoo!
I rode all the way to Glennallen (185 miles) and stopped to see a friend. He had not seen my new bike. He looked it over and thought it was nice, but turned down my offer to ride it. My friend is a hard core Harley man, so even the nice comments were a little surprising. maybe he was just being polite.
A half hour and a red bull later I was back in the saddle heading back. About 30 miles out of Glennallen is a turn off that takes you back to Lake Louise. It's aprox. 20 miles back. There is a state campground back there and some nice high vantage points to view the lake from. So I made the turn and headed towards the lake.
About three or four miles short of the lake, there was flood water (snow melt) covering a low spot of the road. I probably could have crossed it, it didn't look too deep, but instead I turned around and started back. There was a crew there trying to divert the run off, and I didn't want to disturb them (or get my bike all wet).
I pulled over at Eureka and had some lunch. When leaving I chatted with a couple who just arrived on their Harley Road Glide. They were out doing pretty much the same trip as me. They were from Palmer.
By the time I mounted up and started down the road, the temp was now 70 degrees!
I finally made it home around 4:30pm and covered 399 miles. Yes, I was tired, but also very satisfied. I want to keep getting some medium distance rides in to prepare for some longer ones this summer.
The bike ran great, and almost seems bridled at 65 or 70 mph. This baby wants to run!
My arms seem to fall asleep some when I'm on long straight stretches. Just a different riding position I need to get used to.
Hey, maybe we'll have a real summer this year.

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