Friday, June 12, 2009

Deer in a Headlight!

Ever been driving late at night when suddenly, around a corner, there is a deer standing in the road staring straight at you? That 'deer in a headlight' look is the best way I can describe Representative Nancy Pelosi. I swear her eyes are always as wide open as humanly possible. I've tried to hold my eyes open like that and my face gets tired. I can't decide if she's on some amphetamine prescription, or is a frequent customer of Starbucks.
Anyway, she does not represent me or anyone in my state, so I have kinda looked the other way from her partisan antics. I try not to dwell on the 1.5 million she took from the stimulus to fund research on some endangered mouse in San Fran. Come on...endangered and mouse should not be in the same sentence. Nor have I complained loudly about the millions of dollars worth of defense contracts she has funneled to her husband's engineering firm. It's not really my business that her city has a gay loving Mayor who opposes the military recruiting in their high schools. And what about her and her family commuting to and from Washington DC in military jets?
I don't have any confidence in the voters of San Francisco ever holding her accountable for those things, but when she endangers our service men and women, I have to speak out.
I have a daughter who was in the navy, another who is in the Air Force, and a son contemplating the Navy. I also have many friends who have served or their family is currently serving our country. These fine people deserve leadership in DC that is not only concerned about our freedom, but also our safety.
Pelosi is insisting on the release of so called torture pictures to be released as a condition of the current funding bill (I don't consider them torture, but I'm in the minority on this). Never mind that the Senate voted 98-2 to approve the spending without the pics being released, saying they would endanger our troops. Forget what the Generals in theater have said, the release of photos would be fuel for recruiting for Bin Laden.
No, Pelosi is saying that the safety of our troops is trumped by freedom of information.
Can you actually believe that this idiot is third in line to be President, should the unthinkable ever happen? If it did happen, we should just freakin' surrender. Raise a white flag and plead for mercy. Start wearing turbans.
Women in politics is bad enough, but a woman like Pelosi holding a high level position is scary and insane.
It also seems as if there is some kind of power contest between her and Obama. To which I'm sure Obama will win, he is much smarter than her.
I can only hope that the stimulus works in San Fran and the endangered mouse population explodes. In fact, I hope you guys have a huge explosion of rodents in your city, it would serve you right for sending such a retard to represent you in DC.
Oh and the motorcycle angle to my commentary is....add California to the list of states I will never tour in.

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