Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back Home

What a fun trip, however I came back a day early.
Where did I leave off? I had ridden to Haines, Alaska and once again had to go through customs. No biggy, except for the passport, it's easier than airport security.
Rode back to Beaver Creek, YT on Tuesday. I'd say it was about 330 miles or so. Picked a Hotel called Ida's. Like maybe a local owned it? Nope, it was some guys from India. Clean and comfortable, but there was an odd feeling I had while there. Can't put my finger on it, but I was very cautious.
Wednesday morning I was bounced out of bed a 5:39 am to the guy above me cranking Pink Floyd. There were a few construction workers staying there. Well, since I was up, I packed my shit and hit the road. It was raining off and on and the temp was in the low 50's.
After going through the security gate the weather started to unleash. It started pouring rain, and the winds really picked up. It made fore miserable riding conditions and poor visibility. I did the 120 mile or so to Tok and stopped at the restaurant to eat and dry out somewhat.
It doesn't matter how well you prepare, in that wind and rain, for that many miles, you will get wet. And I did too. I finished my meal and hit the road. The next leg was about 140. I continued on in the storm for about 50 more miles until it finally settled down.
Well, I finally got to the junction where I had to commit one way or the other. If I stayed on the Richardson Highway I'd be in Valdez in two hours, but turning right onto the Glenn Highway would put me home in 3 hours. I thought about it for two seconds and turned right. Let's face it, I'm tired and soaked, might as well head home.
So by coming home a day early, I only got 1775 miles for the trip. That kinda bugged me since I was thinking about 2k miles. I rested a day at home and on Friday decided to ride to Seward, Alaska for just a day trip. Weather was overcast and cool, but it never rained on me. That trip put me over 2k miles for the week. Allin all it was a great trip, and I'll have pictures back soon.
I did learn that I need to be a little more fit before doing it again. I'm still kinda sore.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was an awsome ride. I liked the pictures.