Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Eklutna Lake Road

On Saturday, the 4th of July, I took a ride on my V-Star and headed towards Palmer, Alaska. I was kinda thinking that everyone who went camping would have already left anf the freeway wouldn't be too crowded. Boy was I wrong. It was packed, and I hate riding in bumper to bumper traffic. I put up with it for about twenty miles and finally decided to turn back. I mean, it was nice and quiet at home, why did I leave?
I took the very next exit intending on reversing directions and heading home. it just happened to be the road to Eklutna Lake. I have been by that exit at least a hundred times, but never have taken it and explored the lake. So I figured...what the heck, let's have a look.
I'm glad I did. The road back to the lake is a really twisty, winding, hilly ten miles or so. Then you reach the booth where you have to pay to enter the park. Actually, the park is free, you have to pay to park. I told the kid I was just passing through, and he waved me through.
Being a holiday, the park and lake were just packed with people. And I'm glad I didn't have to pay because I never saw any open spaces.
The only drawback to the ten miles in and back out was the fact that there was a lot of loose dirt and fine gravel on some of the corners. Thus keeping me (and several other bikers I saw) from driving it too aggressively.
I will definitely return to that lake for another visit.
Meanwhile, this week I've been messing around with how to pack everything I'm taking on my Canada run next week. I have not yet found a way that I'm happy with. It's a work in progress. But time is flying by, I plan on leaving Saturday morning.
Sure hope the weather holds. Oh, and I think I'll take my I touch and type some occasional updates, like where I am, weather, food, camping, whether I meet any biker babes, etc..
For anyone who is interested, my twitter is http://twitter.com/dlgbomber. But that's mostly political, this site is best for motorcycle news. I wonder if my daughter has started her class yet?

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