Monday, August 03, 2009

Enemy #1

I guess I'm partly lucky and partly a damn alert rider. I like to think it's more alertness than luck, but who knows. I haven't wrecked a car or truck in about 30 years. In fact, the last vehicle I wrecked was my old 1981 Yamaha Seca, and that was in '84. And it was a solo accident, I laid it down while scraping pegs around a corner. At any rate, back then there were no cell phones. And that is what I call the motorcyclist's Enemy #1.
I see them all the time, idiot drivers who even without their phones are average drivers at best. Toss in a cell phone and a drive up mocha and you have a recipe for disaster.
I used to say it was always a woman at fault, but I honestly believe it is 70% men who yack on their cells while driving.
So on Saturday, while riding Rosie through town trying to get to the freeway heading north, I had a close call. I was driving through an intersection in the left lane since the cars in the right lane were backed up waiting to turn right. Cruising along at about 35mph I noticed a pickup in the intersection signaling to turn left (across my lane). I was almost right on him (middle of the intersection) and was trying to make eye contact so I could be sure he saw me. His eyes told me he was looking beyond me trying to pick a hole to turn through. But, did he see me? I don't know, how could he not? It was a beautiful day and Rosie has twin head lamps. Could it be the cell phone the idiot had jammed in his ear diverted his attention? Maybe the moron isn't as good at driving with one hand as he thought.
Well, he started to turn right (cuss words!) in front of me! Then the dumb ass finally saw me and hit the brakes leaving about a quarter of his rig encroached into my lane.
Needless to say I had already reacted by swerving into the right lane, missing his rig by just a few feet.
For the next few miles, all I could think about was turning around, finding that guy, and shoving that phone up his ass. But, finally cooled down and actually had a very enjoyable ride after that.
That is now my mantra, cell phones are Enemy #1 to motorcyclists! Besides, no one can read my texts, my gloves are too thick.

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