Tuesday, September 08, 2009

End of Summer

What a nice ending to a pretty great summer! Labor Day weekend was in the low 60's and basked in the sun. But, now that Labor Day is past, the fair is over, and school is in session, I guess summer is officially over.
Sunday I took a ride on my V-Star up to Talkeetna, Ak., back down through Big Lake, Ak., then back home to Anchorage. It was about 220 miles and four hours of riding. When I started around 10:45 am, traffic was still pretty light. As the day progressed I could literally watch the highways fatten up with vehicles. By the time I mad it home around 3 pm, I was happy to be off the streets and out of the holiday traffic.
I only took a couple of pics that maybe I'll post later, after I see if they came out right. The bike ran well and I had no issues. Just a nice long ride on what may be one of our last warm weekends for the year.
I'm sure I'll be riding some all the way into October, but I'll have to start wearing my heated vest prett soon. I just hope we get as good a summer next year as we have had this year! I'm still planning on running the Alcan all the way to Oregon and back next summer, starting around my B-Day in late June and finishing around the 10nth of July. That seems to be the sweet spot for weather at this end at least.
My Air Force daughter visits me tomorrow for a few days! Yeah!

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