Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leaves are Falling

The sun was out yesterday so I decided to take a casual ride after work. Just a run down the inlet, my normal route for a mid-week ride.
The trees and shrubs are all turning fall colors, and my yard is starting to fill up with leaves. And as the leaves fall and clutter the streets, it serves as fair warning, at least in my neighborhood, to be on alert at even the most casual corners. Those harmless looking leaves on the pavement can wash you and your bike right through a corner and dump you on your arse. The main streets stay pretty clear, but the slower side streets can surprise you.
Anyway, as I rode south down the inlet, the temp fell from 63 degrees at my house to 57 degrees as I approached Indian. The further south I rode, the more the wind kicked up and the temp fell. Soon after I passed Beluga Point, the rain started falling. This was not what I intended for a casual after work ride.
So, I spun around and headed back before I got very wet. Heading back into Anchorage the temp rose back up and the winds died down. So I road the long way home, running up the east side of town before cutting back over to my house in midtown.
Only about forty miles, but better than nothing.
Then I watched a show on the tube about the new models Harley is putting out for 2010. I sure would like a Road King or a Road Glide, but damn...both my bikes together didn't cost me what a new HD would. How can they get those prices?
And don't suggest a used one, up here in Alaska everyone thinks their bike never depreciates. Hahaha
Oh well, the leaves keep falling, no reason to get a new bike and park it in the garage for 7 months.

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