Friday, September 25, 2009

New Hog

A friend of mine just purchased an '04 Electricglide Classic a couple days ago, so yesterday I stopped by to have a look. Beautiful is the word that comes to mind. The previous owner not only took very good care of this bike, he also spent a butt load of $'s on accessories.
It's painted a two tone blue and has tons of after market chrome from head to toe. The most impressive additions are the lights. This bike has so many add-on lights that it almost seems like a freightliner cruising down the road. Both fenders, both passenger floor boards, and the entire saddlebag wrap around all light up. And don't forget the Screaming Eagle pipes that sound tougher than hell when you goose the throttle. Someone has truly invested well over 23k or 24k on this bike, but it was done very tastefully. It doesn't come across as gawdy or over done. My buddy got a primo price on it to boot.
Checking this thing out really got my juices flowing. Damn, I'd love to own a similar bike, but not this year. The soonest I'd even consider one is next spring. Being as conservative as I am, I have to wait and see what Alaska's economic climate is in 2010 before I'd ever pull the trigger. Typically, we run several months or more behind the national trends. So our worst may still be in front of us. That being said, I'm content for now just having the Yamaha sisters. But I know one day I'll actually own and ride a Harley, meanwhile I'll just remain patient.
Congrats to my buddy on his new addition. His big challenge now is to convince his wife to let him keep his Sportster as well! Hahaha, good luck with that. This time I certainly can't use my usual saying "it sucks to be you"!

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