Thursday, October 08, 2009

Junk For Sale

As many of you do, I habitually view the motorcycles list on Craigslist. Always hoping to come across that gem that has my name written all over it. I bought my FJR from a Craigslist posting. It is an excellent bike that I am really happy with.
But lately, I can't believe all the junk people are trying to unload on the Alaska Craigslist. I realize that the snow will be falling any day, but geesh!
In mid September I actually posted my V-Star on there to see if I'd stir any interest, but I don't consider it as junk. Some folks might, but I don't
It's really not even the bikes themselves, rather the inflated prices people are posting. I mean come on! I've seen the same guy repeatedly post a '82 Yamaha Maxim for 1500 bucks for over a month. Doesn't say how many miles it has or if it's even licensed. There are many other examples I won't bore you with.
I guess the message is buyer beware! Me, I'll wait 'til spring before I get too serious about any prospects.

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