Sunday, November 08, 2009

Give Me a Break!

No cycle talk this time...I'm pissed.
From the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada issued a statement saying, "We realize the strong will for reform that exists, and we are energized that we stand closer than ever to reforming our broken health insurance system."
What rock is he living under?
After promising the moon to some and strong-arming others (in their own party), the House Dems barely eeked out enough votes for passage of the single worst bill in the history of our nation. The vote was 220-215, does that sound like a "strong will for reform"?
I am disgusted by their actions, specifically Nancy Pelosi. I mean you freakin' idiots in California, how can you keep voting her in? Oh yeah, San Francisco, say no more.
The so called 1.2 trillion dollar price tag will explode 4 times that I promise you.
Forcing all Americans to get health care or pay fines?? I thought this was a free country?
Cutting billions from Medicare, the very program that most seniors rely on?
These are just a few of the bad parts of this bill. This administration will forever ruin this great country, if it succeeds in its social agenda.
All the young people who voted for Obama for "change", or because they thought it was "time" for a president of color, you are the very people who will pay out your arse for the rest of your lives. You should really vote on issues, not emotions.
Next up....cap and trade. Oh yeah, they might as well double the utility bills for EVERY American family!
Give me a break.

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