Monday, November 02, 2009

Where's the Snow?

I've been quiet lately, a little under the weather. Feeling much better now and ready to chat.
Where is the snow? Halloween came and went, and usually we have some white stuff. Last year it snowed on Oct. 6, but the annual average first snow is Oct. 23. Not that I'm complaining, I don't care if it waits until December to snow. It's just weird how Denver got 3 feet the other day and we are still bare.
Glancing through the local craigslist the other day, I saw this little gem. An '08 Electraglide for sale here locally. Damn I'd love to own one like this, except for the color. I mean, white kinda sucks.

Besides, I'm still paying off my FJR. Look at that thing though, it's like the Cadillac of touring machines. The only advantages my FJR has over the
Harley is it's faster, lighter, gets better mileage, and
costs far less. Otherwise, the Harley is the touring
Just got me a book on motorcycle elecrical systems,
so I can learn how to properly add some electronics
to my bike. A fuzz buster for sure, and maybe some
additional lighting.
I fired up both bikes yesterday and ran them to
operating temp. Didn't ride though, haven't got
my Doc's medical ok yet.
I have more, but it can wait.

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