Friday, November 20, 2009

Winter Blues

 During a quick trip to Portland this week, I was envious of all the motorcyclists I saw still riding around in mid-November. I seemed to have forgotten that you can almost ride year around in the northwest. Meanwhile, back home in Anchorage the daytime high was about 8 degrees. Burrrr.
 Then I started wondering if I would be such an avid rider if I could ride year around, or is the short Alaska riding season the thing that fuels my enthusiasm?
 It's true that when you have just a few short months to ride, you almost go crazy waiting for that first spring ride each year. But I also think that if I could ride year around, I'd be just as excited about it as I am now.
 Who knows?
 Every few weeks I fire up the bikes and let them run well into normal operating temperature while staring out the door at the snow. This next summer I am riding down the Alcan all the way to Portland. It's in stone. But it's not enough to cure my itch right now, I don't know what could (besides and unusually warm weekend in Dec where the temps hit 40).
 And it looks like I'll be riding with a new bunch of guys who refer to themselves as the 'Piss Hogs'. It should be fun, and I'm really looking forward to it, especially if my daughter rides along as well.
 Enough babble for now, until next time.

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