Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Daughter Defends My Right to Rant

That's her with Senator Ted Stevens (Alaska). I usually keep it light and talk motorcycles, but once in awhile I have more to say.
I will continue to slam this President and the liberal leaders in Congress for destroying the American way of life and trying to turn us into Europe.
If his political agenda succeeds, Obama will raise the taxes on EVERY American family in the nation, a direct contradiction to his campaign promises.I hope you Obama voters are happy.
If you disagree, feel free to comment. If you are tired of my rants, unfriend me or block me, I will not be offended. If you don't have an opinion, you too are part of the problem.
This week my baby daughter will be deploying to the Middle East to protect my right to rant and your right to disagree. This is still America (for now).
If anything happens to her I will hold this President personally responsible. This man promised to end the war and bring troops home. And you all voted for him. Now my daughter and 30,000 more soldiers are heading over there. Another freakin' lie. HOW' THAT FOR CHANGE???
She'd still be going if the other guy was President, I don't deny it. But the other guy didn't promise to bring them all home. In fact he said it would take years to.
She is my second daughter to serve and I'm very proud of them both.
So, if you are unemployed, uninsured, and plan on staying that way...he is a great President.
But if you are a working stiff just trying to get ahead and provide a better life for your loved ones...he is a fucking nightmare.
Continuing the war he campaigned against; raising taxes higher than any President before him; highest unemployment numbers in 30 years with no clue of how to fix it; financial payoff to the guys that helped elect him, but call it "stimulus"; apologize to the other nations for what a bad country we are; more world travel in the first year than the previous 4 Presidents combined; and allowing us to go soft on National security. I could keep going, but you get the jist.
I have to throw in one more...appointing Hillary 'effing' Clinton to Secretary of State!! Stupidity!

Be alert and safe Baby, I love and miss you! This summer when you get back, we'll have a heck of a party (but no rap). I hear it's really hot over there, but it's a dry heat. Hahaha

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