Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Motorcycling Only

Ok, I've decided to keep this blog all about motorcycles, touring, experiences on the road and gadgets. No more politics. Some of you are not interested in my political rhetoric, I get it. I won't call you any liberal names, or accuse you of being idiots, rather, I submit that difference of opinions is what keeps this nation strong.
And I can surely separate political debate from the fun of the open road. Therefore, I started another page at RussLindsay.net where I focus primarily on politics and current events. That way I can keep my rants and anti-Obama blogs away from my fun blog (this one) about motorcycling in Alaska. Plus, this is where I'll be reporting details of our pending trip down the Alcan to Portland, Oregon this summer.
So this blog will be a political free zone (as long as I can resist) and be hobby/fun oriented only!

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