Saturday, February 20, 2010

Strange Weather

I just got back from a road trip to Fairbanks. I left Thursday morn and arrived back home Friday night. Of course I drove my Silverado, not a bike, it's only February! I should have ran into below zero temperatures and lot's of snow but didn't. In fact, I actually had a reading of 52 degrees just outside of North Pole. There was very little snow fall and the highways were sometimes clear and dry (except where snow and ice had melted). It mad for a pleasant drive (over 800 miles roundtrip), but that is some pretty strange weather. I literally could have rode a motorcycle from Gakona to Anchorage, I was very surprised.
Now the question is whether this is early spring break up, or is it a tease? Are we in for more severe weather in the weeks to come.
I have a feeling the severe weather is behind us. Although we may still get some big dumps of snow, the super cold temps are done.
Not long ago there was measurable snow fall on the same day in 49 States (excluding Hawaii), which may have been a first. At the least it's extremely rare.
Strange weather, but I hope that doesn't mean a rainy summer!

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