Sunday, April 04, 2010

Motorcycle Show a Bust

The last two weeks I waited with huge anticipation for our annual motorcycle show. I'm sure it's not that big of deal compared to other cities with more people, but it's ours and it signals the end of winter. When the snow is melting and the sun is out, it sure doesn't take much to get Anchorage residents out of the house. Each year that becomes more and more evident.
I've attended 5 of the last 6 annual shows, and I'm sorry to say it gets a little worse each year. They used to hold it at he Egan Center downtown. For some reason you can almost justify 8 bucks at the door when you are entering the Egan Center, but it's a hard nut to swallow when you hand over 8 bucks at the door of the Ben Boecke hockey rinks. It's like the difference between attending a State Fair verses a County Fair in other states.
The number of booths hocking their wares is also dwindling. There was a booth selling helmets and jackets, and a booth selling flags, but that was all. You had your usual booths like the AMA, Abate, Christian riders, and a credit union, but beyond that....slim pickens.
Finally, the dealer's booths....again, Sliiiiiiiiiiim pickens.
Honda had their new VFR700 mid level tourer, Can Am had some of their new model Spyders, and Victory had some new Touring models as well, but that was pretty much it. I was very disappointed with Harley Davidson who had a few high end new models on display, but again, very slim inventory. And one would think that Harley could sell a lot of accessories at a show like that, but they didn't even have any. Weird.
I specifically wanted to see the Honda VFR1200 which has been in all my mc magazines of late, but none were found. I also would have enjoyed checking out the '10 Kawasaki Concourse 1300, but again...nothing.
I don't know the logistics, maybe Alaska hasn't received the newest and latest models yet? If that is the case, maybe they should push this show a few weeks later? They definitely need more participation from vendors, like maybe Alaska Leather, or the GPS store, or even the service depts. of the various dealers with aftermarket accessories for the asst. bikes.
The other thing they should offer to spice things up and perhaps enhance sales is a demo ride for various bikes. I mean they have that whole parking lot around the two arenas, mark out a course and have demo rides! People would line up all day for that. And what about a short technical course that riders could enter and ride their own bikes for a chance at some prize? You know, manage a tight, technical course in a certain time, etc...
I just don't think the organizers really have their heart in this thing anymore, and it shows. It's too bad.

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