Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last Room at Watson Lake

We checked into a hotel in Watson Lake at around 8:30 at night (the last room they had). We asked the clerk what time the restaurant next door closed? He said at 9pm, so rather than going straight to our room, we hustled next door to get a meal. After finishing our meal, we returned to the hotel and found that someone else was already staying in our room. A woman who said they must have double booked the room and it happened all the time.
I finally found the clerk who was surprised anyone was in the room. Further investigation found that she was a shareholder of the local native corp who actually owned the hotel. He said shareholders have first right to any rooms and there was nothing he could do.
A maintenance man for the hotel suggested we could stay in one of the rooms he was renovating. It was suggested that they could refund half my money and we could roll out our sleeping bags on the mattresses. I accepted the space (as it was now about 10:30 pm) but insisted on a full refund. They finally agreed to a full refund and we hauled our camping gear into the torn up room. The next morning we were able to shower in another room two doors down, then packed up and headed down the Cassiar highway.

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