Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back North

We had ridden through some pretty strong winds and apparently something blew into my eye. To compound the problem, I must have been rubbing my eye. At any rate, I woke up on Day 14 with my left eye extremely irritated and tearing. It was like a faucet and would not stop. Plus, my vision was blurred. I tried to ride, but after 15 miles I pulled over and told my buddy I could not continue like that.
We backtracked the fifteen miles to a Walmart on the main drag. They got me right in and examined the eye. The Doc said the debris was gone, but it looked like someone sand papered my cornea. He prescribed some eye drops which I picked up at their pharmacy.
The point is, we stayed another night in Kalispel. The next morning I was much improved and we headed for the border.
We made are way up through Bamph and Jasper and camped not too far from the famous Lake Louise.

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