Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bringing It On Home

Day 19 turned out to be the last day of my trip. We camped about 15 miles outside of Whitehorse and took advantage of the public shower room. We weren't in a big hurry to mount up, 'cause my partner in crime wanted to stop at the Harley shop again. We knew they don't open until 9AM, so we timed our departure accordingly.
We arrived in Whitehorse about a quarter of nine and stopped for gas. Then we proceeded to the Harley shop only to find them closed. It was Monday morning and the sign said closed Sundays and Mondays.
Oh well, we stopped at the Walmart and got some water and energy drinks, and even some snack bars, then we hit the road about 9:30 am.
I decided early on that I was joining the 700 mile club that day. From Whitehorse to Glennallen, Alaska (where my riding partner lives) is about 500 miles, a long day by most standards, however, I was determined to continue on to my home in Anchorage. That meant a full 720 mile day on the ole' hog.
We stopped to eat a couple times, plus the usual gas stops, but eventually I pulled up to my garage at ten minutes after midnight. Fourteen + hours, and 720 miles from when we started that morning. Yes, I am in the 700 mile club, and I do believe I can do the Iron Butt distance of 1000 miles in 24 hours. That attempt will have to wait until next summer. I'll round up a couple other buddies and attempt it in June when the daylight is long. Maybe for my birthday or something.
Well, that was my trip. There were a lot of smaller stories throughout the trip that I could (should) have written, but I'll come back to some of those later. Like when I suffer writer's block. Hahaha, Later.

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