Friday, August 27, 2010

Lesson Learned

Wednesday was a gorgeous day, sunny, warm, not even any wind. After setting the state record for the most consecutive days of measurable rainfall, I was itching to ride. So, about 3pm I was gonna bust out of the office and hit the highway. I was thinking that a nice ride to Palmer and back on the old highway was in order.
But before I was ready to go I got another phone call. Someone answering my ad on Craigslist for the V-Star. He asked questions and sounded pretty interested. He said he'd call for directions at 5 when he was off work. So there I was on the fence. Do I blow him off and go for the ride? I really would like to sell the bike, and thus far have only had 3 people interested enough to come look. Or, do I stay and wait for the call, and perhaps do a little cleaning on the bike in the meanwhile?
I did neither. I ended up leaving about 4pm on the Harley and rode south towards Girdwood. It may have been the nicest day of the year in Anchorage, and traffic was fairly light. I rode nonstop to the Girdwood turn off and then turned around at the Fish and Game office and headed home. It was a great ride along the inlet, ipod blasting, cruise control on, catching an occasional glimpse of surfacing beluga whales. The ride was only 60 miles and I wanted to go longer, but I want to sell that bike, so I got home a few minutes past 5.
I checked the phone and confirmed that no one had called. OK dude, I'm home, come take a look.
By 7pm it was quite clear he was not coming, and thus the lesson! When a day like that comes along you sometimes just have to say "eff it, I'm going riding".
Today it's back to rain outside, and I'm kicking myself for not running all the way to Seward or Soldotna and really getting a good ride in that day. Even an Oldbull can still learn a lesson.

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