Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On day 16 we made it to Grande Prairie where we visited the local Harley shop. While there we both had our oil changed, then continued on our way.
We put some pretty good miles on that day and camped by some lake who's name I do not recall. Sucks to get old don't it! Haha.
Day 17 we got an early start and were trying to make Dawson Creek, which we did and grabbed a cheap hotel room. This is the start of the Alaska Highway and gave me that familiar taste of home. It was a fantastic trip, but the thought of sleeping in my own bed was really getting me motivated to ride hard.
From Dawson Creek we rode all the way to Whitehorse, something like 470 miles. It was also the day we passed the buffalo herd, and I almost hit a caribou (though I don't have a pic of it).
Did I say Whitehorse? Actually, we stopped about 15 miles short of it and camped at a RV campground.

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TTFN said...

You got your pic taken by me at milepost 0 of the AK Hwy