Sunday, August 22, 2010

Seward Ride

I took a nice ride to Seward yesterday. It was sunny the whole way, although a bit cool. Traffic on the way there was very light and I was able to cruise about 70 mph almost the entire way. Coming home was a different story (as I  expected) and it was bumper to bumper form Girdwood to Anchorage.
I tried to look up a friend who lives in Seward but could not locate the address he had emailed me.
Seward was hopping, there was some event that drew at least a thousand people to the fire station, plus the salmon derby was still in play. Add those to the usual traffic it draws for simply being a sunny day, and you have a very busy little town.
Finally back home, a good friend of mine arrived from working all summer at the Red Dog mine near Kotzebue, and naturally we had to wash off some of that mine dust with a few coldies.
I pretty much screwed off all day, so today I better get some chores done.

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