Saturday, October 09, 2010

Pelosi the FREAK!

Oh my effing God!!!!! Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, Congresswoman from San Francisco just said at a news conference that the quickest way to stimulate jobs is to increase food stamp funding! What freakin' planet is she from??? I can't believe Californians keep sending her back to DC. The only people more fucking stupid than her are the voters in her district.
42 million Americans are on food stamps, that's ten million more today then when President Wonderful took office.And the Dem's only answer is to SPEND MORE MONEY.
Let's see, 9.6% unemployment means less tax revenue. So, let's tax higher to make up for the loss, AND let's spend tons more money. Hell, we'll just keep borrowing from China.
Ok, I'm better now. I had to vent before I had a freakin stroke.
Got back from a meeting yesterday around 4pm, clicked the garage opener and ....nothing. The door opened about an inch. So I clicked it back down. Then open again...again an inch. Clicked it back down.
Got out of the car and tried to assist it up when I clicked luck.
So there I am, locked out of my house and no key. Tried to jimmy the back slider...not happening. Thought about kicking in the front door. Noooo, repairing the damage would probably cost more than calling a locksmith. OK, I called my daughter and she called me a locksmith.
He arrives and tries lifting the garage door while I activate it again. He gets it up about two feet. So I roll under the door and come back out the front door. $70 later I asked him to help me lift the door further. I disconnected the door from the opener and we both lifted it all the way open. He left and I examined the door. Turns out the spring that helps lift the door had busted. But my lesson is that I will now keep a spare key in the glove box of my car from now on!
Now, I kinda felt stupid about the ordeal, but then I saw Pelosi on tv. Hahahaha, I'm a fucking genius!

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