Sunday, March 27, 2011

Four Hours of Hell

The task? Upgrading those stock Harley speakers to something a little louder, speakers from Hogtunes.

The challenge? I've never taken apart my Road Glide Fairing.

The feat? It took me four hours to disassemble the windshield and fairing, replace the speakers, trade out the stock turn signals for Kurakyns, and reassemble it all.

The disassembly and replacement of parts took about an hour, but, reassembling it took me 3 damn hours. I fought that fairing until I was dirty, sweaty, and pissed. So I took a 15 minute break, cooled down and started again. Finally, my patience paid off.

I like the new sound as well as the new turn signal lights. And I learned alot about my bike. One thing's for sure, the fairing is not coming off again anytime soon. Hahaha

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