Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pucker Time

 Yesterday I came about as close to crashing as I ever have on a bike. I was returning from a trip up to Eklutna Lake, trying to beat the rain home. Because of construction on the Glenn they constricted all traffic to one lane. There is plenty of warning and pylons to accomplish the merge. So there I was in a train of cars and trucks all traveling 65 mph in one lane, minding my business, mind probably drifting a bit, when all of a sudden traffic came to a stop.
  I generally pride myself in watching ahead and anticipating traffic situations so I don't get surprised, however, the SUV in front of me was very dirty and I couldn't see through it's windows to the brake lights ahead of him. That, coupled with the fact we were just cresting a small hill and could not see over it for any distance, caused the sudden stop to catch me off guard. No excuses, I effed up.
 The SUV in front of me went from 65 to 0 very quickly causing me to apply both brakes for all I was worth. In a panic stop from that speed, it's not unusual for a guy to skid the tires, which can be disastrous. When I felt the rear tire skid I let back off the rear brake and reapplied it. Again I felt the back tire skidding and slightly begin to drift to my left. I let off again before the tire drifted out enough to high side me. By this time it was obvious that I could not stop before rear ending the dude in front. I made a split second decision to run through the cones into the lane to mu right. Still breaking, I whipped it between the pylons and finally came to a stop in the cordoned off lane, a few feet in front of the SUV I had been following.
 I sat there a few seconds trying to catch my breathe and take inventory on myself and my bike. Talk about a puckered up rear end!
  Traffic started moving again and I nosed it back into the proper lane precisely where I had left it, behind that SUV. Further up, the highway opened back up to two and then three lanes for an incident free ride on home. It never did rain, just threatened to.
That close call reminds me why I generally always wear a helmet, it's a matter of when, not if you'll eventually wreck. Later.


Erin said...

Daaaaaaaaaaad!!!!! Wear a damn helmet for crying out loud !

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