Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Iron Butt or Lead Butt?

 A friend and I took off at 5:30 am on 'million mile Monday' for our first ever attempt at earning an Iron Butt membership. You probably know that means riding 1000 miles in less than 24 hours, along with detailed documentation. The bad news is that we did not make the required miles and shut it off in Wasilla. The good news is that we did ride 910 miles and neither of us wrecked! Not like the former Governor of Alabama who wrecked in Fairbanks the same day. He broke some bones but is gonna be OK.
 Last summer I rode 715 miles in one day, this year 910 miles, I think I'll succeed on my next attempt.
I'm a little stiff and sore, plus I burned a little around my neck, but overall don't feel too bad for an old man.
I'm sure it will be worse traveling from Anchorage to Chicago on a freakin' plane, which I must do tonight. More on my Iron Butt ride later.

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