Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lookin For Sun

Yesterday I rode north, trying to chase the sun and get some miles in. I took the old Palmer Highway to avoid some construction at the Knik bridge, then gassed up in Palmer.

I kept heading north through Sutton, and towards the Matanuska Glacier, and so far the sun was on my back. As I approached Sheep Mountain I noticed a ton of dark clouds coming around the shoulder of the mountain, and beyond it looked pretty grey. Then it got dark quick and at mile 121 it started raining. At this point I'm torn between stopping to put on raingear, or running for the restaurant at Eureka, which I knew was close. I hammered down and went for it. So I had to put up with about 4 miles of rain before reaching the restaurant, then went inside for some lunch and to dry off.

While I waited for my chicken fried steak, the rain clouds blew on by and it started drying up. I suppose I was inside about 45 minutes. I ate, drank coffee, and used the restroom before heading back out. I put on my raingear before heading back, as there were still some threatening clouds hanging low in the area. I started bak towards Palmer and quickly  noticed the wind had picked up as well. After passing Caribou Creek, the rain was behind me, so I pulled over and peeled out of the raingear and headed for home. Not quite 300 miles, but I'll try going south today. 

So far in June the sun has been hit and miss, but the wind seems to be consistent. There's no getting away from the damn wind. Oh well. Later.

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