Saturday, September 17, 2011

8K This Summer

 I took my road glide in for its 20,000 mile service the other day. Actually, I'm only a couple hundred miles short of 21,000. They convinced me to put on a new rear tire as my old one (new in June) was cracking in a few places. So, that's two rear tires and one front tire this summer. I tell ya, those things aren't cheap.
  But, if there is one place a biker should never scrimp, it's tires. Especially in Alaska where the roads aren't always he best and most speed limits are 65 mph.
 So, with fresh oil and rubber, I'll be ready early in the spring. Not that riding is over for this year, but it's awful close. It is getting pretty cool outside, in fact I put the liners back in my riding jackets.
I got about 6,000 on the road glide this season, and about 2000 on the super glide, so all in all it was a decent riding year.

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