Sunday, September 04, 2011

Last Long Ride of the Season?

It's Labor Day weekend, a sign that the riding season is almost over for us in Alaska. A few other signs are school has started, the State Fair is almost over, and the leaves have begun to change color. I doubt if we'll see another day over 60 degrees.
 So a buddy and I decided to ride to Soldotna for a shirt from the dealer down there. It was a good day of riding where we managed to skirt any real rain showers all day. We had some occassional sprinkles, but never really ran through any hard rain.
I put on about 350 miles for the round trip, but RP had closer to 400, as he had a little farther to go before nightfall. Both bikes ran great with no issues. And the best part was how light the traffic was for the trip. I'm sure the brunt of the weekend traffic was Friday night, which we spent in the garage listening to Skynyrd and drinking whiskey. We took off Saturday morning about 10:45 and returned around 6:30 pm.
Along the way, one stop was at Cooper's Landing for a bread bowl full of Buffalo chili.
 At the Harley shop I saw a beautiful new Road Glide Ultra CVO. It was really something. Chrome all over the bike, special order gauges, custom two tone paint, and a $36000 price tag. Whoooops! Slowly step away from the bike Old Bull!
Then, the sales manager cranked up the stereo on a new Ultra Glide. George Thourogood and the Delaware Destroyers at 400 watts. You read that right, 400 watts out of 8 speakers and a hidden sub woofer. It was the loudest bike stereo I've ever heard.
So, will I get any more riding in this season? Yes, of course. September always has a few nicer days for motorcycling, but they get fewer and farther between. I'll still be commuting to work when I can, but yesterday may have been the last full day of distance riding for this year. If it is, it was a good one.

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