Monday, September 05, 2011

Unions Blow!

Jimmy Hoffa Jr gave a quick intro speech just before Obama in which he called the tea party 'sons of bitches'. That's reeeeaaaal nice you liberals. Just call more names and spew more profanity, that's all you got! HAhahaha. And where are the liberal women groups when women get called bitches? Unions suck!
Yes,I know Harleys are made by union workers, but that's the trade I have to make to ride American. The question is for how much longer? Most of their apparel is made in China, that bothers me.
We have the worst President of my life, we have a wider divide between conservatives and dumb a...., I mean liberals, and it looks like the worst is still ahead.
F-it, I'm going riding, I need my usual therapy.

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