Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Almost Creamed

 I was almost run off the highway today on my Road Glide while commuting home. I was in the fast lane (far left of three) when a pickup traveling in the slow lane (far right of three) came speeding up from behind. He and I both passed a car traveling in the center lane at the same time, although he was speeding about 5 or 6 mph faster than I. Upon clearing that car he changed lanes to the center. It was one of those "quick look and start changing lanes while simultaneously turning on the blinker" moves which had the truck well into the center lane before the light blinked twice. I had also passed the center lane car, but was losing ground to the truck. Again he did the quick lane change only this time he wanted my lane. I was at his rear quarter panel and let off the throttle while moving to the shoulder of the highway.
 Just as I was crossing the fog line the guy saw me and quickly corrected back to the middle lane. I moved back to my lane and hit the throttle hard. I got as far away from that dude as I could. He stuck his hand out and waved while mouthing "sorry" to me as I flew by. Then he seemed to settle down his driving the rest of the way I suppose out of embarrassment. People just aren't very good drivers these days.
 Once again I was saved by my God given catlike reflexes. Hahaha


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