Monday, June 11, 2012

Seward Hwy

 Took a ride south down the Seward Hwy and turned towards Whittier. Stopped to see the salmon spawning but there weren't any visible. It was kinda cold and foggy up there and I lost my incentive to ride on to Seward, so I headed back home.
 On the ride back, just north of Indian, two southbound minivans in the distanced turned off the highway and were turning around. They looked as if they missed a turn and were heading back to it. Of course I thought to myself that surely they would not pull out in front of me!
 Sure as heck, they pull out, not just one, but both of them. No one behind me for a half mile, yet they couldn't let me go by.
 Needless to say I had to hit the brakes pretty hard to drop from 68mph to about 30mph to accommodate these two assholes. Then they drove about 30 for a quarter mile to the turn they had missed. I made sure they understood my displeasure with a one fingered salute almost stuck through the passenger window as I rode by.
 People can be so infuriating!

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