Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Half Over

Well, summer is just over half done. Of course, it was late in coming, I had snow in the yard on May 20. I finally got 1000 miles on the glide and got it in for it's 1k service. Most of my miles have come just from commuting to work.
 At current prices, the glide costs me $3.59 per day on my commute to work. That's $17.95 per week. That's pretty darn good when compared to my truck. It's $8.23 per day or $41.15 per week. I save $23.20 per week riding the glide! Oh, and that's figuring the glide on 90 octane and the truck on 87 octane.
 Since I have the 1k service behind me I upgraded the intake and exhaust to stage one Screaming Eagle. I've noticed the bike running slightly cooler in city traffic. Also, the last tank of gas came in at 44.5 mpg.
 With highway pegs and mirror extensions, she is almost set up the way I like. Next year I'll think about a windshield change and a couple pieces of chrome. I'm in no rush. Here's a pick from beside the knik river, where I rode on Sunday. Later.

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