Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Nothin But Time

 I am officially between jobs right now which gives me time for blogging again. It also gives me more time to get out and ride. Like riding to interviews, job fairs, and the unemployment office.
 I was looking forward to buying a second bike this spring, but given my new circumstances, I will probably postpone that until I'm gainfully employed again.
 Yesterday, Anchorage voters went to the polls to vote for a new Mayor. As usual, we will have a runoff race between the top two candidates in a month. The two facing off in a runoff will test the current ratio of liberal verses conservatives in Anchorage these days. On one hand you have liberal Democrat Ethan Berkowitz, backed heavily by the unions and progressives. On the other hand you have conservative Amy Dembosky, a new comer to local politics and backed by Republicans and religious groups.
 For Dembosky to have a chance, she will need to garner the votes from the other candidates she beat, which would be enough to up end the number of liberal votes. But make no mistake, Berkowitz has name recognition and union money going for him, making him very formidable. I', looking forward to the debates.

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