Sunday, August 02, 2015

Seward Highway

Me and a buddy rode our hogs to Seward the other day and got on the wrong side of a ten hour road closure. You can read about it as reported by KTUU here.
 We heard about the closure and stalled for time both in Seward and the Summit Lodge (30 miles from the crash site) instead of in a line of cars.  But sooner or later we had to join the line. The crash occurred at about 12:30pm, and we joined the line of cars around 8pm. By then the line was almost 15 miles long. We waited in line for several more hours, eventually we started moving at about 11:45pm.
 It was dark and we were averaging about 30 mph for a good 40 miles, not to mention the endless line of oncoming headlights blinding us as we rode. Finally, about 20 miles from Anchorage, the paced picked up to about 60 mph and the traffic loosened up. I finally arrived home at about 1:30 am.
 It was a horrific crash and our prayers go to all involved, but it certainly punctuates the hazards of a two lane highway handling some of the highest traffic counts in the state.
 The other annoying fact about the Seward Highway is the lack of cell coverage for many miles near the summit.
 I'll bet there were more than 5000 cars waiting in line by the time the highway reopened. At least the weather was great (70 degrees) and the bugs were bearable, plus we each had bottled water in our side cases.
 So a planned 4-5 hour ride turned into a 14 hour ordeal. You just never know whats gonna happen in Alaska. See ya.

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