Saturday, July 09, 2016

New Start

 I've been neglecting my blog for several months. The truth is Oldbull has had a tough year. Due to economic reasons I find myself having to relocate. I love Alaska and 99% of my riding is done here, but in a few weeks my riding will resume in the Pacific Northwest. I have already ridden my HD down the Alcan and stored it in my parent's garage while I ready the rest of my belongings for the big move.
I rode from Anchorage to Portland in five days averaging just over 500 miles per day. I'll probably write more about that after getting settled.
 I won't miss the winters, but I will miss the summer riding in Alaska, where the traffic is sparse (compared to Portland or Seattle), and the biggest danger is running into a moose!
 I'm relocating to a world of planning your day around the traffic patterns, and that sucks! But I will once again be near family, and hopefully in a stronger job market.
 I guess I always knew this day would come, I just thought I would dictate when, not forced when.
At any rate, perhaps a new start is exactly what is needed! Hopefully, it will re-inspire me to opine and broaden my stories and perspective.
 Now, what did I do with the phone number to U-Haul?

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