Friday, November 04, 2016

Longer Season

It's super foggy outside, but it's supposed to burn off and hit about 67 degrees today! Wow, I haven't seen 67 degrees in November since the early 90's! Talk about a longer riding season, that much I'm really enjoying!
 As for the rest, I still have no job, even though I've applied to over 100 ads. At least I've reconnected with some old friends, so that part is getting better too.
 As with a lot of things, it takes a little time to get re-established.
I've had a few occasions to visit and do business with the Harley Davidson dealer in Salem and I haven't been too impressed. Maybe the Alaska dealer is just a lot better and the Salem shop is more typical? But they don't really acknowledge your presence and don't seem to go above and beyond for anything. They aren't really even friendly. Whenever I walked into the House of Harley in Anchorage, I was usually greeted right away, and everyone you walked by in the place at least said hello to you.
I'm happy to give Salem another chance or two before forming a hard position, but as of this writing, Anchorage far out shines Salem.
 Thought I was finished with Alaska, but you never know!

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