Friday, February 10, 2017

Missing Ak

Well, I can't believe Trump is President! My first choice? Hell no, but like I said for 8 years, anyone would be an improvement! At the very least, conservatives won't lose the Supreme Court. I also believe he will be better for the economy. I do worry a little that we will end up in another war, and this time it may be a major player. But at least he won't be such a pussy with foreign leaders.
 I'm pretty frustrated at my new life in the Pacific Northwest. Still haven't found work. I'm either over qualified or under qualified, and nobody seems to value my Alaska experience. I'm about ready to take a minimum wage job just to stop the bleeding. It's pretty embarrassing.
 The other things that are very embarrassing are the idiots who are representing our state. They are rabid liberal progressives who basically represent the Portland area only. The rest of the state can kiss their arses. The woman at the top doesn't have a clue, and the two Senators are just plain weird.
A friend from Alaska called and may have a job opportunity for me in Anchorage. I really don't miss the snow, and the state's economy is in the crapper, but I wouldn't mind moving back. I don't have any friends here but one, mine are in Anchorage. And just like when I lived in Anchorage, my family never visits, it's like I still live up north. And people still have freedoms up there that until I moved, I was taking for granted.
 Well, enough venting, got to keep on the job search. See ya.

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