Friday, April 14, 2017

Oregon Sucks!

And I don't just mean the Ducks! Of course they suck. I'm a diehard Beaver fan all the way!
I'm talkin' the state sucks. It's not the state I grew up in my first 30 years on earth. Now it's ran by a bunch of liberals who don't have an effing clue!!! Gov. Brown...clueless! Sen. Wyden....a dumbshit! Sen. Merkley...he's an ass! And the local news always gives plenty of airtime to the idiot protesters in Portland who protest anything and everything.
When I grew up here we were proud Americans and loyal to the flag. Now around here, they all want to thumb their nose at anything they don't agree with. When Obama was Pres they fawned over his every word and move. Now Republicans are in charge and they're all like eff the feds and we don't have to follow the Constitution.
 It's a disgrace and I'm embarrassed to even live here. I never should have left Alaska.
The job hunting is pretty frustrating as well. Either they say I'm over qualified or I don't have a degree. Not much wiggle room in between. I really feel it's age discrimination, but I can't prove it.
As you can see I've applied to 102 jobs in about 12 months. I've probably gotten about 20 interviews. Percentage wise that's probably about right, but I don't know the average. I'm really sick and tired of looking. Especially when I know I'm more dependable than any 25 year old, and more experienced than any 40 year old, and less of a liability than most other employees.
 I have been doing some riding lately, so that helps keep me sane. No better therapy than a nice two hour ride through the country! That's definitely something I could not be doing in Alaska right now...they still have snow and ice.
 If moving wasn't such a pain and expense, I'd prolly move back, but geez, I hate moving. Hahaha
A job would probably help my general outlook, so I'll keep on trudging.
 Sorry for the ranting, but I do feel a little better. Next up, lets talk MotoGP!

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